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This page is created to facilitate the exchange of technical ideas for the Lanwave wireless engineering community. Simply register below to become a member.

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This page currently contains information on these topics:

  1. [Download PDF File]   L9002VX3 (version 2.0) data sheet.
  2. [Download PDF File]   SATURN-III Third Generation CD/SS Processor Architecture.
  3. [Download PDF File]   SATURN-II Handset Reference design.
  4. [Download PDF File]   SATURN-II Base Station Reference design.
  5. [Download PDF File]   SATURN-II Cordless Phone/PBX Software Design Manual.
  6. [Download PDF File]   Reference wireless data modem circuit to a RS-232 interface.
  7. [Download PDF File]   Antenna selection pseudo code.
  8. [Download PDF File]   AN-1 High Performance CD/SS Codes
  9. [Download PDF File]   AN-2 MCLK Scaling Techniques
  10. [Download PDF File]   AN-3 SATURN Chipset Internal Functions
  11. [Download PDF File]   AN-4 Internal White Noise Generator in the DX Family
  12. [Download PDF File]   AN-8 Range Improvement Technique with Super Gain Code
  13. [Download PDF File]   AN-9 Automatic Antenna Selection in the SATURN-II DX family
  14. [Download PDF File]   AN-10 Fractional Chip Rate Mode in the SATURN-II DX family
  15. [Download PDF File]   AN-11 Hybrid Hopping in Conjugate Frequencies
  16. [Download PDF File]   AN-12 Multiple Line, Multiple Handset Software Architecture
  17. [Download PDF File]   AN-13 Diversity Opitmization Strategies in the SATURN-II DX family
  18. [Download PDF File]   AN-14 Unique ID Generation Algorithm for transmission below RF sensitivity
  19. [Download PDF File]   AN-15 DCR & SER Registers in the SATURN-II DX Family
  20. [Download PDF File]   AN-16 Communication below RF Sensitivity
  21. [Download PDF File]   AN-17 Command Field Interleave Alignment
  22. [Download PDF File]   AN-18 FCR Codes Testing in the SATURN-II DX Family
  23. [Download PDF File]   AN-19 Third Party TDD Break-in Modes
  24. [Download PDF File]   AN-20 SATURN-II Data Link Control
  25. [Download PDF File]   AN-21 SATURN-II Features for ADPCM Codec Substitution
  26. [Download PDF File]   AN-22 Digital Channel Isolation & RF Design
  27. [Download PDF File]   AN-25 A Bluetooth RF chip interface to SATURN-II
  28. [Download PDF File]   AN-26 A 2.4G RF module interface to SATURN-II
  29. [Download PDF File]   AN-27 UHF/900MHz wideband RF Design
  30. [Download PDF File]   AN-31 Group delay compensation circuit for a 110MHz IF demodulation chip

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