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Morse Code, Semaphore & CD/SS™

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 1. Morse Code, Semaphore & CD/SS™
 2. C.E. Shannon’s Model of communication
 3. Importance of Spectrum Spreading
 4. Telegraph & Semaphore.. The first form of digital wireless communication
 5. SATURN Wireless Modem Chip
 6. Telegraph with Color Filtering What is CD/SS™ ?
 7. Lanwave 1-bit DSP Core Benefits of Code Division Spread Spectrum (CD/SS™)
 8. Implementation
 9. Bandwidth Efficiency
10. Fast Synchronization
11. Code Overlapping
12. Framing for Flexible Protocol Data Encapsulation, Encryption, Error and Flow Control

13. Optimized for Voice Transmission Time Division Duplexing & Minimizing Acoustic Echo
14. Telephone Benefits
15. Multiple Client Protocol
16. Circuit and Packet Connections
17. Diversity Antenna
18. Hybrid Hopping
19. Advanced Noise Reduction
20. Typical Cordless Telephones
21. Observations
22. This Picture Contains a “$” Sign
23. it depends on the color of your eye the Digital Filtering of Color, is CD/SS™ Technology
24. Lanwave Technology, Inc. Your Wireless Connection

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